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40th Reunion
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Front row, left to right
Lori (Hanson) Roettger, Kevin Eye, Gail (Haroldson) Aus, Kay (Antonson) Magnuson, Carrie (Paskewitz) Anderson, Doug Day, Sue (Kirschbaum) Dunlap, Jackie (Hansen) Eggers, Cindy (Nordang) Smiglewski, Janet (Dybsand) Skjefte, Monica (Mahon) Leach
Row 2, left to right
Tammy (Rude) Edman, Eileen (Hedin) Berg, Cheryl (Erickson) Rude, Elaine Halverson, Rae Ann (Vangen) Weeks, Rochelle (Raney) Topel, Julie (Hegna) Halvorson, Kim (Kranitz) Savig, Janell (Anderson) Paulson, Rhonda (Springer) Hoeper, Sandy Lalim, Brenda (Roe) Thews, Wesley Erickson
Row 3, staggered, left to right
Sue (Faiman) Chambers, Mollie (Sebring) Erickson, Pam (Johnson) Johnson, Shirley (Remiger) Mock, Shawn (Johnson) Hipp, Cindy (Giles) Fjermestad
Back row, left to right
Ross Macho, Arliegh Belling, Kevin Just, Keith Anderson, Rick Leyse, Bruce Mortenson, Mark West, Jack Baker, Paul Ansbach, Paul Gullickson, Charles Madsen, Jeff Olson, Connie (Hegna) Gunderson.

PowerPoint presentation from 30th class reunion
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30th Class Reunion Picture
Continue scrolling to see what we looked like 10 years earlier. Hey - we all aged pretty well!

Some Pictures from 30th Reunion

20th Class Reunion