As one of the fortunate ones to find a spouse from the Granite Falls High School class of 1975, I was allowed to attend their 30th reunion this weekend at JB Yates on the west edge of Granite. It was a nice crowd that had more than a little to talk about and that's just what they did. There were the usual glances in disbelief at seeing some rather long lost schoolmate and a lot of talk about families and memories. Just about everyone who goes to a class reunion is interested in telling a little about themselves and even more interested in hearing about everyone else.

Hanley Falls native and class reunion co-emcee Kevin Eye asked if I'd be willing to give a little mayor's welcome as he and his co-emcee Shawn (Johnson) Hipp started their entertaining power point driven program. I agreed to do that and when I got up to give my greeting and looked around the room, I saw a lot of familiar faces from all around the country. It still kind of amazes me where all those classmates drift off to and what happens in their lives. There is something about coming back home that appeals to most people even if it's just for a little while and not too often. Finding and holding onto our roots is pretty important and when it involves an interesting community that makes it all the better. I said the obligatory welcome message and pointed out a few familiar faces from my old neighborhood and from far away. That includes California, South Carolina, Idaho, Utah and Illinois.

Now, most of you know that I don't mind doing a little speaking and usually have something or another to say. Well, I cut it fairly short and figured that they didn't come to hear me expound on this or that and walked back to our table. On the way, a couple of things occurred to me that I probably should have said. First of all, it's always a good idea to tell a crowd that they look good and I missed my chance to do that. The other thing that I wish I would have mentioned is what a good thing it was when the Hanley Falls kids came over to school in Granite. That happened in the fall of 1968 when the class of 1975 was going into 6th grade. It brought in a new bunch of kids and from that there actually are a few marriages and a lot of good friendships that came to pass. There's a lot of social dynamics that happen when you bring schools together. As I thought about that, it occurred to me that the same thing has happened to the many kids who have shared their junior and senior high school days together in Clarkfield and Granite. New friendships and young romances take place and all the fretting that parents and other adults do about the school issues fades into the background for the kids. They are eager for the future and don't really have a lot of time to look back at much of what concerns their parents and grandparents. They will bring their friendships with them to class reunions in the future and the old anxieties will be forgotten.

All those young couples and new friendships that happened as a result of schools combining makes for a lot of community intertwining and it forces parents to get to know folks they just wouldn't otherwise cross paths with. That's a good thing for almost everyone. There was a lot of good evidence of that at the class of 75's reunion. And, by the way, they did all look pretty good, too.