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14 years as a Communications Manager in the nuclear/utility industry. 18 years in broadcasting, 10 years as a reporter.

Nuclear, hazmat, all-hazards and terrorism planning and drill design, control and critique.

Real experience in media interviews, emergencies, public controversy, public meetings, etc.

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Some issues Doug Day has experienced first-hand:

  • Y2K
  • 9/11
  • Terrorism Preparedness
  • Nuclear Emergencies
  • Large Power Outages
  • Electricity Shortages
  • Mergers
  • Stray Voltage/EMF
  • Radiation Fears
  • Nuclear Security

DDay Media & PR Services is owned and operated by Doug Day. Below are some details of Doug's experience in the field of media and communications.

  • Wrote 20+ new product descriptions for global manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment.

  • Write articles twice monthly for a national wheelchair company's employee newsletter.

  • Coordinated and managed the on-air programming aspects of the merger of two local broadcast companies, including publicity and format changes for two radio stations.

  • Wrote 40+ page employee magazine for Service division of global diagnostic medical device manufacturer - a magazine we write two or three times a year
  • Developed 50+ page PowerPoint presentation to train European sales staff in marketing of new diagnostic medical device.
  • Member of project team leading national rebranding program for a global medical device services business.
  • Voiceover work for local company's on-hold telephone system.
  • Voiceover work for on-hold telephone messages for national medical device manufacturer based in California.
  • Wrote 30-page whitepaper on establishing a digestive health program for small physician practices, hospitals, and large healthcare institutions and teaching centers.
  • Worked with the European division of a global medical equipment company on a series of case studies on the use of advanced medical equipment and software solutions for complicated interventional surgical procedures.
  • Wrote e-book advising dairy farmers on using futures and hedging strategies to increase farm income.
  • Recording voice-over of documentary and trailers about a Wisconsin construction company with a Hollywood celebrity being the other voice talent on the project.
  • Wrote multi-media training copy for marketing a radio frequency ablation system to endoscopy centers and ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Wrote scripts for videos to train doctors in Europe on the use of advanced medical equipment software for planning, guiding and assessing aortic aneurysm procedures.
  • Record and edit podcasts for publisher of magazines for the onsite wastewater, municipal water & wastewater, and gas, oil, and mining industries.
  • After a major ad agency dropped the ball, developed a presentation for an official Worldwide Olympic Sponsor, a global medical equipment manufacturer, that ran in its hospitality area during the Summer Olympics. Work was done in just two days to meet the deadline for legal and Olympic approval.
  • Rewrote 400+ web pages for a leading concrete pouring equipment manufacturer.
  • Write most articles in a 52-page quarterly employee magazine for a leading global healthcare equipment manufacturer.
  • Write the quarterly employee newsletter for the nation's leading fire truck manufacturer.
  • Research and write monthly safety column for a national trade magazine for the onsite wastewater industry.
  • Research and write monthly environmental column for a national trade magazine covering wastewater treatment plants.
  • Re-wrote and updated the ethics code and employee manual for a global manufacturing company based in Wisconsin.
  • Assisting local non-profit by writing and producing PSA campaign.
  • Assisting local museum in it's successful capital fund-raising campaign.
  • Wrote and produced a quarterly audio CD for the nation's leading fire truck manufacturer to present news and product updates to its national network of independent sales representatives.
  • Write stories for a quarterly employee publication for one of world's leading healthcare companies.
  • Consulted with a division of a leader in personal care products on increasing knowledge of Lean manufacturing concepts and wrote monthly employee newsletter during the roll-out.
  • Consulted with a world leader in personal care products on communication and change management for a corporate strategy to improve innovation, speed-to-market, and cost effectiveness.
  • Researched and wrote a long series of case studies for a leading healthcare company about how their customers use their service and expertise to improve their operations.
  • Write feature stories for national sports officiating magazine and its related publications and web material.
  • Designed three postcard mailings for city economic development department to promote available commercial properties.
  • Write a bi-monthly employee newsletter for the nation's leading fire truck manufacturing company.
  • Researched and wrote 20-plus page white-paper for a leading healthcare company about the affects of the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act on independent diagnostic imaging centers. The paper was used in the industry and in Washington, D.C. to push for changes to the law.
  • With three other contracted writers, researched and rewrote more than 150 web pages for a leading worldwide provider of water and process fluids purification equipment, technology and services.
  • Author feature stories for a national industry magazine for the onsite wastewater industry.
  • Researched and authored a 3-page feature story for a national sports officiating magazine on how officials can distinguish themselves from the thousands of other officials in order to further their officiating goals.
  • Researched and wrote account profiles for a world-leading rental power and landfill electrical generating company to aid in the marketing of their industrial electrical generators.
  • Designed a tourism site for the City of Two Rivers.
  • Authored article for a national sports officiating magazine about the experience of officiating for the Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament.
  • Designed a program for local employers to encourage new employees to consider moving to Two Rivers. Designed a relocation web site for the City.
  • Researched and wrote 25 account profiles for world-wide building management company.
  • Planned and instituted a PR campaign for the Wisconsin Emergency Management Association for the first annual National Preparedness Month. The work included voice-over work for three public service announcements, writing a news release and media advisory for use by local county offices, and writing web site material.
  • Planned, researched and wrote a six-part series of articles to educate employees of a multi-national healthcare company about a revolutionary new product line.
  • Designed and researched web site for Education Horizons Foundation, a non-profit group that supports educational program in Two Rivers and provides student scholarships.
  • Researched and authored several articles for publication in national magazines for the onsite wastewater treatment industry.
  • Researched and authored a series of articles for a global healthcare business to explain a break-through medical technology to employees around the world.
  • Planned and designed a web site for the Two Rivers Economic Development department.
  • Arranged meetings with public elected bodies and business groups, wrote key messages, speaking points, communications plan and other materials for the announcement of a $220 million dollar power plant purchase.
  • Planned and coordinated announcement of a $20 million industrial expansion project, including the groundbreaking news conference.
  • Advised and helped with writing a multi-national corporation's employee communications during the acquisition of a leading foreign competitor.
  • Managed the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant's Joint Public Information Center (JPIC) for 14 years. A JPIC is the nuclear industry's name for a media center to which all agencies responding to an emergency would send their communications staff. Here, the agencies would coordinate information and meet often with the media in order to keep the public informed about the emergency. The extensive JPIC plan is practiced at least once per year in very realistic drill settings. Every two years, the facility is critiqued by the federal government.

  • Redesigned and relocated the JPIC facility twice. Since it is a joint facility with state, local and federal governments all stakeholders' needs must be met in such a move. It also involved extensive coordination of plan revisions since each agency has an extensive planning and procedure document. Put together, all the plans would stand a few feet high. A JPIC must have redundant or back-up telephone, computer and electricity systems.

  • Coordinated agreement with Brown County (Wisconsin) for use of the JPIC facility for an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). An EOC is the location for the management of large disasters such as tornados or chemical spills. Assisted the County in planning, designing and conducting drills to test the plan.

  • Coordinated agreement with the Point Beach Nuclear Plant for shared use of the JPIC facility.

  • Managed the combination of the Communications Department of two nuclear plants into a single organization.

  • When the two nuclear plants merged their operations into a single organization, coordinated the combination of the JPIC plan, procedures and staff into an integrated organization to serve the needs of all governmental agencies, three different plant owners and an operating company.

  • Coordinated a joint Y2K media center and communication plan and media center for Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. The center included representatives of local city and county government, fire, police, medical and other services. Conducted hourly media briefings and individual interviews. All major Green Bay media outlets were at the center. Conducted dozens of media interviews and spoke to a large number of groups about Y2K risks leading up to the event.
  • Managed external and internal communications for the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant for 11 years. Upon merging operations with the nearby Point Beach Nuclear Plant, managed external and internal communications for both plants for three years. This included combining the communications functions and a visitor's center into a single department, merging the internal communications processes to meet the needs of two plants that were located five miles apart and had very different cultures and preferences for communication style. The duties included employee and public newsletters, web site design, advertising, emergency communications planning and media and public relations.
  • Trained dozens of nuclear management staff in media spokesperson skills. Developed a spokesperson training program for Wisconsin Public Service that is still in use.
  • Designed an Electricity Outage Communication Plan to speed the flow of information to the public during power outages. Trained several dozen utility employees in the process and in dealing with the media during such events.
  • When Wisconsin electricity supplies were low during several summers in the late 90s, served as a lead spokesperson and crisis planner to respond to periods of electricity shortages. This included designing materials and presentations to educate the media, public, and employees about the many issues that influenced supply and demand and how the electricity distribution system operates during normal times and during times of high demand.
  • Participated in and chaired Local Emergency Planning Committees and subcommittees at the county level, as well as terrorism planning groups. Experience includes:
    • Local hazmat, all-hazards and terrorism emergency communications planning.
    • Message development on these topics for media spokespeople.
    • Emergency drill scenario writing and drill control and evaluation.
  • Designed a two-county all-hazards emergency public information calendar.
  • Assisted local counties respond to the increased interest in terrorism since 9/11.

Community Involvement

Served on Board of Directors of the Two Rivers Business Association.

Designed and managed capital campaign web site for Rogers Street Fishing Village.

United Way of Manitowoc County PR committee.

Chamber of Commerce web site advisory committee.

Helped create Carp Fest downtown festival for Two Rivers Business Association.

Helped plan and promote annual kayak and canoe event that drew about 50 people from around the state.

Assisted in planning and implementing downtown promotion over two weeks during a popular fundraising event. Besides promoting the downtown, it raised $1,000 for the event in 2008 and $1,300 in 2009.

Volunteer for the 2008 Battle for the Baton to raise funds for the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra. Together, our group of Battle competitors raised more funds than has ever been raised in this annual event.

Past -president of the Board of Directors of the Manitowoc/Calumet Chapter of the American Red Cross. As a board member, I served on the Human Resources Committee, helped in the redesign of the chapter's office functions, and assisted in the development of a merit pay system. Current member of the PR committee.

Former president of the Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association. Also serve as football co-chairman. Served on committee that developed a gap analysis instrument to measure what our membership thought was important and how well we met those expectations, then designed a new organization to better meet those needs.

Former member of the Two Rivers Business Association and Board of Directors.  Author letters to various government agencies and officials on matters concerning local business. One of leaders of a fundraising effort that raised more than $270,000 in just three weeks to meet challenge grant for the rehabilitation of the Two Rivers Community House.

Former Member of the City of Two Rivers Zoning Board of Appeals, City Council and former two-term City Council president.

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